Siri and Me: A Digital Romance

You think you love your phone, well from the parody book Goodnight iPad comes the new story of a man who falls in love with the woman in his phone – Siri and Me – A Modern Love Story.
The book is based around Dave, a blogger who loves the Internet and spends most of his time online. However, Dave is different to most of us as he has fallen for the girl inside his iPhone – Siri as we all know here.
We’re all well aware of the responses that Siri often gives when pushed and even when Dave pushes into unknown territory to say he loves her, she responds by calling his doctor.
The story of digital romance of course has a deep underlying current and the author is looking to showcase how much we are in need of the online world now. However, it turns out the author; also David has a far more complex and often short fused relationship with Siri than the character in the book. “The concept to do something about Siri came from my publisher when we had a meeting after the iPad book, but it really resonates with me and I’m completely fascinated by technology,” said Milgrim
David Milgrim’s recent hit, Goodnight iPad is a take on the classic Goodnight Moon and includes lines such as ‘Goodnight Nooks and digital books’ and was a huge seller in the children’s market.
Milgrim says that the inspiration for his latest book came from a meeting with his publisher
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Siri and Me: A Digital Romance , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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