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Galaxy Note II on its Way

Samsung it seems has opted once more for the bigger is better philosophy that saw it release its Samsung Galaxy Note around this time last year. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been announced and guesses what? It’s huge. The new 5.5inch phone or notepad is overwhelming in size and power and now comes […]

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

The rumour mill is in full swing and there have been a number of supposed leaked photos of an engineering sample of the new iPhone. The new pictures seem to show that the handset is slimmer, longer and about the same width as the iPhone 4S. The images which come from GottaBeMobile, show the device’s […]

Samsung’s Three Samsung SIII Designs

Samsung has revealed it treated three different designs as ‘final’ to throw other companies off the scent of what its final SIII would be like. This meant engineers had to use three different models for three different models at the same time. This meant that that antenna for the Samsung SIII had to be redesigned […]

Samsung Note revealed at IFA Trade Fair

Samsung showed us all its newest creation at the IFA trade fair – The Samsung Note. The Android 2.3 device is a 5.3in smart phone that bears resemblance to the Dell Streak as far as size is concerned. The Note will come with its own pen for drawing and note taking on the notepad, turning […]

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