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Pebble Watch Released End of Jan

The company will have to begin working though a backlog of 80,000 orders when it gets down to business on the 23rd of the month. The watch which comes in at 38g connects to IOS and Android devices thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0. It comes in a waterproof livery and uses e-ink as a display and […]

Smart T-shirt Anyone???

Ever thought you could bring your t-shirt to life with a little bit of colour and some imagination – well, nowadays you can with the T-shirtOS. This piece of apparel comes with an LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and an accelerometer all of which is placed inside a t-shirt. You can then use your smart […]

Why You Should Download IOS5 Now!

Apple released IOS 5 on Wednesday, the radical new operating system for all Apple devices from the iPod Touch to the iPhone 5. So, what does IOS 5 have in store and why should you download it now! ICloud The iCloud compatibility of the new OS is one of its greatest features. The new iCloud […]

Opera Mini For The iPhone?

Opera Software has shown off a demo of their iPhone-application version of the popular Web browser at the mobile world congress in Barcelona. Opera Mini is a mobile browser that uses Opera’s compression and server-side technology to quickly deliver web pages to your phone. Using that technology Opera claims that their browser will be 6 […]

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