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Huawei Show Off the D2 5-inch HD Phone

The new Huawei top of the range smart phone has appeared in what is claimed to be all its glory. The new 5 inch device is set to be released at CES 2013 alongside a new Windows8 phone from the company known as the W1.  The photos of the device come from the Chinese version […]

iPhone 5S Rumour Mill Begins

It’s that time of the year again and the rumour mill is heating up with rumours of yet another iPhone – the iPhone 5S. Supposedly, we may see the iPhone a lot earlier than expected, with a spring 2013 release date on the cards according to some. If we take the Commercial Times – a […]

Galaxy Note II on its Way

Samsung it seems has opted once more for the bigger is better philosophy that saw it release its Samsung Galaxy Note around this time last year. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been announced and guesses what? It’s huge. The new 5.5inch phone or notepad is overwhelming in size and power and now comes […]

Amazon Phone on the Way?

Most of the Amazon based stories since the company’s release of the Kindle Fire have been based around a 10 inch version of the tablet. However, according to Bloomberg, the company is also set to release a smartphone in something of a similar format. Amazon is supposedly in the run for a number of wireless […]

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