Sony Tablet S Not as Water Proof as Expected

Sony has stopped its Xperia tablet sales after it turns out the device isn’t water resistant as advertised. The device was touted as a ‘splash proof’ tablet and over 100,000 have been shipped so far.
The company has said that it will repair any damaged devices and there is currently no date for the re-selling of the device as of yet. The device is said to have a consistent flaw between the panel and the body where water is able to leak in and cause damage to the device.
Sony has urged all owners of the tablets to get them checked and to isolate and problems. A press release by Sony Japan implies that it may just be the Japanese models that are subject to the problem and that the issue may not affect US and UK consumers too.
The tablet has received quite favourable reviews and has been seen as a distinct tablet from most of the others thanks to its slightly different ergonomic design and the fact it can be used as a universal remote for a wide range of devices.
Running the latest version of Android 4.1 JellyBean, the Sony Tablet S is a Tegra 3 based tablet with plenty of power and 16GB of storage, as well as a 9.4 inch display and an 8mp camera, which manages 1080p and 30 frames a second.
However, this will be a blow to Sony, who’s unique but flawed tablet efforts have failed to convince consumers.
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