New Qualcomm Chip to Beat Tegra 3 Competition

You probably invested in your latest phone thinking to yourself it’s the fastest thing on no legs. Well, it seems that there is a new super-fast processor there to really up the game again in the shape of the Snapdragon S4 Pro.

The new quad core chip from snap dragon comes with a range of great new innovations and according to Engadget pretty much annihilates the competition in terms of ability, including the Tegra3 and the Samsung quad core Exynos chip.

One of the reasons the device is so fast is because of the graphics core it uses and the device is up to a quarter better at displaying graphics than the Samsung chip in terms of frame rate speeds. Obviously the other big consideration comes in the shape of battery life and time will tell whether or not the new Snapdragon chip is a better solution than the Tegra 3 processor in this area.

It is expected that the related devices will come about later this year with the chip. This should see a whole new line of tablets and others use the new core to their advantage – pretty impressive stuff to be honest.

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