Galaxy Note II on its Way

Samsung it seems has opted once more for the bigger is better philosophy that saw it release its Samsung Galaxy Note around this time last year.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has been announced and guesses what? It’s huge. The new 5.5inch phone or notepad is overwhelming in size and power and now comes with some serious oomph.

The device bears more than a resemblance to the Galaxy S3, though is notable larger. It comes with the plastic shell you would expect, as well as the blue and white colour options. It’s also 4G enabled meaning that when it comes to the UK, consumers will be able to use its superfast network.

Reports suggest that it is an extremely fast phone that even puts the Galaxy S3 to shame and feels great overall. It includes a number of Samsung’s apps and uses the new Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system which supposedly shines. Of course, there is software to use it as a notepad too and the device is suitably big for all your jotting and writing needs.

Camera comes in the shape of an 8mp device and there is a nice large 16GB of memory which can be expanded upon should it be required. There will also most likely be the addition of DropBox which will provide a large amount of Cloud data – something that is currently offered on a number of the high end current generation phones.

Of course, the size of the deice will put many off, but judging on sales for the previous Note it will draw many in too. 

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