Amazon Phone on the Way?

Most of the Amazon based stories since the company’s release of the Kindle Fire have been based around a 10 inch version of the tablet. However, according to Bloomberg, the company is also set to release a smartphone in something of a similar format.

Amazon is supposedly in the run for a number of wireless patents and is currently in competition from Samsung and HTC to do so. They are also supposedly in talks with Foxconn, who make parts for a number of large manufacturers.

Aside from this there is no other real news about the company and what the device is like, or when it will arrive. There have obviously been numerous rumours about the arrival of smart phones and even Facebook are said to be coming out with their own handheld device.

This would leave both companies free to develop apps, rather than in Facebook’s case be a developer. In Amazon’s scenario it would be a manner in which to further their production and distribution of content. Amazon currently even has its own app store, as does Facebook, which would make the transition more of a likelihood. This along with Amazon’s media delivery services would make all the difference in the ease of creating such a device.

It would be more than likely in the case of Amazon they would use the reskinned Android platform that they used for the Kindle fire for the new device. Whether it comes about yet remains to be seen – finger crossed.

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