iPhone 5S Rumour Mill Begins

It’s that time of the year again and the rumour mill is heating up with rumours of yet another iPhone – the iPhone 5S.
Supposedly, we may see the iPhone a lot earlier than expected, with a spring 2013 release date on the cards according to some. If we take the Commercial Times – a Chinese newspaper at face value, it seems the new phone will begin production in December, with a release date for Q1 of 2013. However, this seems a bit unlikely to be honest. A more likely suggestion is that it will be released with a new iPad around the start of the summer, with orders for components at their highest around March and April in preparation for the release.
The early release is thought to be down to a fragile part used in the current model. Apple will hope to replace the part in the new phone with a more robust one. According to reports, a large number of Apple phones are not even making it out of the factory in China because the part gives way during the production process.
Phone Review does suggest that the new iPhone will want to clip the heels of the Galaxy S4 and prevent it getting a head start again, like it this summer. They also have mentioned a dual sim iPhone 5, though this remains to be seen of course. Others are even suggesting that Cupertino may move towards a iPhone 6 and skip the 5S altogether.
Whatever happens, it seems things are heating up even as we speak
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