Apple TV could sell 13m Units

Tim Cook stated last week that the whole television area was one of interest for Apple. This obviously created interest in Apple entering the market and creating something that would integrate their Apple TV into a set.
Well, it seems that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Apple to follow this interest up according to Morgan Stanley analyst. A survey by their Katy Huberty, which took over 1,500 US heads of household into account, would suggest that it could be quite a successful venture.
Of those surveyed 11 per cent claimed they would be extremely interested in purchasing the sets. This would work out at 13m units in the US when the results are taken to the larger scale. Others also said they were ‘somewhat interested’ in the device and though this is not riveting it does translate to the potential for 43m further units.
The interesting thing is that this 47 per cent is more than those who said they were extremely or somewhat interested in purchasing an iPhone or an iPad before either of these items came out. One of the other interesting things is that of those surveyed, people who owned an Apple device already were around four times more likely to purchase an Apple TV then those who didn’t own a device from the company.
The respondents offered an interesting take on the price too. Over 46 per cent of them would pay over $1000 for a TV with an Apple logo. One in ten would pay over the $2000 mark for a TV of the same vein and on average most would pay around $1060 for the TV. This is around a fifth over the cost of the price of their current TV sets – showing the premium associated with Apple products.
There are three suggestions for the manner in which Apple would sell the TV. The company could become a virtual cable service provider. Secondly, the company may partner with existing businesses and use its own set top box. Finally, the TV set may come bundled with the Apple TV.
There’s been a lot of speculation for a long time about Apple entering the market and what they can add with an Apple TV. This has followed Steve Job’s autobiography, where he said that ‘he’d cracked television’.
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