Pebble Watch Released End of Jan

The company will have to begin working though a backlog of 80,000 orders when it gets down to business on the 23rd of the month. The watch which comes in at 38g connects to IOS and Android devices thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0. It comes in a waterproof livery and uses e-ink as a display and is expected to sell for $150.
The device is acclaimed as the world’s coolest watch and shows information such as text messages and emails transmitted from phone to watch, it can also be used to change music tracks among a host of other apps.  It therefore means people won’t have to look at phone screen and can quickly glance at their watch.
The watch will arrive in a number of colours and is expected to be very popular with bikers and runners, as it allows them to see information when on the go. According to the company the watch’s battery lasts for a week and will drain around 5-10% of battery of a phone’s charge through its linking method of Bluetooth.
Pebble will sell the watch through their site and doesn’t plan to sell through stores. The device is a Kickstarter victor having raised $100,000 in a month online when it arrived on the crowd-funding site. Over its lifespan it has managed to garner over $10m in funding.
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