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Siri and Me: A Digital Romance

You think you love your phone, well from the parody book Goodnight iPad comes the new story of a man who falls in love with the woman in his phone – Siri and Me – A Modern Love Story. The book is based around Dave, a blogger who loves the Internet and spends most of […]

Amazon Roll Out new Service

Amazon has begun to roll out its check in plus service across the UK and has included over 5,000 convenience stores, corner shops and local businesses to the scheme. The new scheme allows for customers to use their local convenience store as a place to store and mind their packages if they are not there […]

New ThinkPad 2 on the Way

Though, Lenovo has been quite fast at leaking some of the specs, it’s nice to see the device is soon to become a reality. The 10 inch slate will run Windows and also comes with an Intel Atom processor and will replace the current ThinkPad that the company currently stocks. The device comes with some […]

Smart T-shirt Anyone???

Ever thought you could bring your t-shirt to life with a little bit of colour and some imagination – well, nowadays you can with the T-shirtOS. This piece of apparel comes with an LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and an accelerometer all of which is placed inside a t-shirt. You can then use your smart […]

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