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Samsung Nexus 7 Revealed

Even though it’s not exactly and iPad killer – it’s 7 inches for a start, the new Google Nexus 7 makes a good go of things and for only £159 is nothing short of a bargain. The Tegra 3 powered device is a lot smaller than the New iPad’s, however it does fit in your […]

Samsung’s Three Samsung SIII Designs

Samsung has revealed it treated three different designs as ‘final’ to throw other companies off the scent of what its final SIII would be like. This meant engineers had to use three different models for three different models at the same time. This meant that that antenna for the Samsung SIII had to be redesigned […]

iPad Heat – No Problem

                                                                       IPad Temperature not a Problem Stories of the warmer tablet hit the net just after the device’s release, with many […]

What to Expect from Google

Google seems to be slowly and surely taking over the world, so what should we expect from the gang in 2012? Tablet It looks like we should certainly be looking towards a Google tablet in the next year. Certain communications have said we should expect a high quality tablet something possibly along similar lines to […]

Wikipedia and Google protest against SOPA and PIPA

You may have noticed that during trying to research something today, that Wikipedia is out of action. In case you didn’t realise, there is method to the madness. The world’s largest encyclopaedia is in out for the 18th of January in response to the proposed changes to copyright because of the SOPA and PIPA Bills […]

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