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Pebble Watch Released End of Jan

The company will have to begin working though a backlog of 80,000 orders when it gets down to business on the 23rd of the month. The watch which comes in at 38g connects to IOS and Android devices thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0. It comes in a waterproof livery and uses e-ink as a display and […]

Nexus 10inch Tablet Soon Released

The Nexus 7 broke the mould to an extent and Google will release its latest tablet in the US and the UK on the 13th of November. The new device is a 10 inch tablet, which means that it is set to go head to head with the iPad 4 though will come in at £319, […]

Galaxy S3 Mini Revealed

The Galaxy S3 has received all sorts of acclaim and has even had iPhone like waiting times and eagerness around its release. It’s now to get a little brother to share some of its pie. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is the new Android 4 inch version of the phone and comes with a dual […]

Smart T-shirt Anyone???

Ever thought you could bring your t-shirt to life with a little bit of colour and some imagination – well, nowadays you can with the T-shirtOS. This piece of apparel comes with an LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and an accelerometer all of which is placed inside a t-shirt. You can then use your smart […]

New Qualcomm Chip to Beat Tegra 3 Competition

You probably invested in your latest phone thinking to yourself it’s the fastest thing on no legs. Well, it seems that there is a new super-fast processor there to really up the game again in the shape of the Snapdragon S4 Pro. The new quad core chip from snap dragon comes with a range of […]

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