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Smart T-shirt Anyone???

Ever thought you could bring your t-shirt to life with a little bit of colour and some imagination – well, nowadays you can with the T-shirtOS. This piece of apparel comes with an LED display, camera, microphone, speaker and an accelerometer all of which is placed inside a t-shirt. You can then use your smart […]

Quad Core Tablet to Change Everything Again

It would be hard to say we’re not excited, but the coming of the new Asus Transformer Prime, with its quad core processor by NVIDIA is an exciting venture. The tablet which comes with the Transformer’s all to memorable docking station keyboard is set to offer a 1.3GHz quad core processor and we imagine more […]

Android 4.0 Comes to the Table

Just as Apple is on the cusp of releasing its Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung and Google have come out of nowhere and released the Samsung Nexus S, which comes with Android 4.0. This new device is set to bring the Android phones right up to date with the powerful new Apple device. So, what do […]

Amazon Kindle Fire Announced Today

Amazon is set to announce its new touch screen update to its hugely popular Kindle today and it is touted to shift 5million of them between now and Christmas. The tablet, which has the full name of the Amazon Kindle Fire is set to go head to head with the iPad2 at a far lower […]

Tablet Cuts Price to Compete Before Release

The new tablet with its own OS has been reduced from $499 to $299 for the Wi-Fi version and $599 to $399 for the 3G version. This will undoubtedly see people jump on the products band wagon before it is set for release in the US on the 16th September. The product comes with the […]

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